Best Push-Up Bras for Petite and Buxom Women
An overview of bras that can amplify the natural figure of more petitewomen, as well as provide support and comfort for women who are more buxom:

What To Do After You're Fired
An overview of tactions to take after you're fired.  It especially focuses on pursuing your dream job:

What To Do After You're Fired
A look at several people who went on to tremendous success after they were fired.

Great Time-Saving Devices
An overview of some timesavers that will - because time is money - also save you dollars:

Ultimate Dealbreakers: Would You Break Up Over This?
Humorous discussion of several scenarios and whether they constitute "dealbreakers" in terms of romantic relationships:

Best Graduation Gift Ideas
An overview of several great gift ideas for recent graduates of high school or college.  It includes such things as voice recognition software (for writing term papers and essays), and the Kindle Fire and iPad (to help with research, etc.).

Want Free Backlinks? Here You Go!

Backlinks are admittedly critical i nterms of increasing both rankings and traffic.  Thus, getting free backlinks is something few of us can turn our nose up at.  That said, here are some places to get free backlinks:
Allows you to automatically post to up to 50 top social bookmarking accounts.  Not really a free backlinks site since you are posting to your own accounts, but the time savings are incredible.  Post in mere minutes what would ordinarily take hours.    There's a free trial subscription of 300 submissions.  No time limit;  the free trial stands until you use up your 300 submissions.  At that juncture, you decide whether to go back to get a paid subscription or keep on manually submitting backlinks.
A backlinking site that is totally free.  Post links for others in your social bookmarking accounts, and they post links for you in theirs.  (Posting is automated, so you can avoid spending hours in front of the computer.)  Also, there is an option for a paid subscription that provides a lot more backlinks.

With a strategy focused on the tiered concept of backlinking, Backlinks Genie has adopted a proven methodology with respect to building automatic backlinks.  backlinks genie offers a free one-month trial subscription.
Totally free!  A great automatic backlink-builder that gives you 25 backlinks every day to any URL.  Unfortunately, you can only submit a particular URL once with a free subscription, but that's still 750 backlinks per month.  (A paid subscription permits submission to many more sites, as well as allowing multiple submissions of the same URL.)

24:7 backlinks gives you 1000 free backlinks.  'Nuf said! 

You can find more information on free backlinks and other information to help you increase your ranking and traffic to your site at the Passive Pursuit of Income Blog.

Some Quick Facts About Identity Theft

Identity theft is without question a very tough crime to deal with.  It can be exhausting trying to to clear your name, recover bank account funds, deny liabiity for charges, etc.  For those wondering just how prevalent identity theft is, here are some short facts on the matter:

  • Identity theft is considered to be the fastest-growing crime in the U.S.
  • Roughly 700,000 become victims of identity theft every year.
  • Identity theft costs consumers an estimated $500 million to $2 billion each year.
  • Credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft.
  • Utility fraud (using another identity to get utility service) and bank fraud are the second and third most-common forms of identity theft.
  • Approximately 40% of all fraud crimes involve identity theft.
  • It takes some victims years to get identity theft matters resolved.

Needless to say, there are many other facts and statistcs that could be cited.  Clearly, identity theft has a wide-ranging impact, and it's important that you develop protection and defense from the threat of identity theft.

You can find more resources regarding identity theft at Identity Theft Defensa HQ.

Resources for Earning Passive Income
Since officially starting my quest to generate passive income, I've come across several resources that have become invaluable to me.  Some are products and some are services, but I thought it would be worthwhile to give a brief rundown of what I'm doing - and the resources I'm making use of -  to generate residual and passive income:

How'd you like to get paid just for asking and answering questions?  That's what Q&A site WebAnswers is all about.  Anyone who's read any of my other posts on passive income knows that I think WebAnswers is the cat's meow.  It's not just because I earned my first passive online income there, but also because I started earning there quickly.  After joining, I was - speaking honestly - rather ambivalent about the site, but in spite of my own slack efforts I was making money a week later.  Moreover, I have made money with them virtually every day since!  (I think there have only been two days when I didn’t earn any income, and I believe they were both on the weekend, when there's far less traffic.)   That's why I honestly believe WebAnswers should be everyone's first port of call when it comes to earning passive income.

InfoBarrel is an article submission site that has 75% revenue-sharing.  What's really great about it is the fact that you can earn revenue from multiple sources - Amazon, AdSense, and Chitika - and you can write about any topic that interests you.  Moreover, there's no limit to the number of articles you can submit in a day (or ever).  After WebAnswers, I tend to think article-writing is the next step for just about everyone looking to earn passive income online.
Bluehost is a top-notch web-hosting company.  I use them for many of my own web sites (all of the paid ones, in fact), and I highly recommend them for their professionalism and service.  For $6.96 per month you get unlimited space and unlimited domains (which is perfect for someone in my position, because I've got numerous ideas for niche sites that I'd like to get started on). Of course you may be thinking, "Why pay for hosting when there are scores of places that will let me build web sites for free?"  That is certainly true, but of course a free website might come with restrictions and other unfavorable terms and conditions.  For instance, some free sites won't allow you to display ads.  Good luck monetizing that one...  The long and short of it is that web hosting is actually pretty cheap, and for the freedom it gives you in terms of developing your niche (and monetizing it) it may be well worth the price.  Plus, as the old saying goes, there's no such thing as a free lunch.
Hubpages allows you to build "hubs," which are essentially web pages.  You can monetize your hubs (there’s 60% revenue-sharing) in several ways, including AdSense and Amazon affiliate links.  It's free to join, and you’re allowed to build as many hubs as you like.

This is essentially the same as Hubpages, only the web pages you build are called "lenses" rather than hubs.  There's 50% revenue-sharing in several ways (including AdSense and Amazon affiliate links).
Like InfoBarrel, this is another great article site with 70% revenue sharing.
This is a social bookmarking site with 100% revenue-sharing.  (Tough to beat that!)
Another awesome article site that has 60% revenue-sharing.
A social bookmarking site with 80% revenue-sharing.

Instant Article Wizard
This is incredible article-writing software that not only does research online for you, but will having you cranking out articles at an unbelievable rate.  There's nothing better for overcoming writer's block, and you will even be able to write articles on topics you are completely unfamiliar with.

The Best Spinner
Fantastic article-spinning software that lets you to create lots of original and unique content from every article you write.

Unique Article Wizard
Another outstanding piece of software that automatically lets you post to hundreds of article directories and blogs.  A must-have for anyone truly serious about marketing their articles.

Market Samurai
Phenomenal software that let's you perform in-depth keyword research and analysis.  Saves you time, money and effort by identifying the high-profit niches that you should focus on.

***For anyone considering (or currently doing) article writing, I strongly recommend that you take a look at Instant Article Wizard, The Best Spinner, Market Samurai and Unique Article Wizard.  I believe they are absolutely essential if you want to achieve quick and lasting success.  Using just The Best Spinner and Unique Article Wizard, I was able to propel my niche site to the first page of Google in less than a month!!!  Since then I've remained on the first page (and have even touched #1 a few times).  I firmly believe that these are items you must have in your virtual toolbox.

Niche site
I have one niche site up at the moment, but it's generating income on almost a daily basis, so I'm pleased.
It's great being partnered with one of the world's largest retailers.

Books (self-published)
I've got two books published at the moment, but I'm really doing much promotion (and probably would not have even mentioned them were it not for the fact that I had a sale).

You can see more of my residual income efforts (and how they're panning out) on the Passive Pursuit of Income Blog.

Want to Earn Passive Income? Start With These Sites

Almost all of us are fascinated by the concept of passive income.  Just imagine being able to roll out of bed at your leisure, or comfortably sip your morning coffee with no pressure to get to ”the office.”  Not a bad dream to have, is it?  Now there’s just the little matter of getting to there from here…

Fortunately, there’s a myriad of online resources to help you out.  With respect to getting started, I like Q&A site WebAnswers and think it should be everyone’s #1 stop.  Basically, you can start earning very quickly with Webanswers, and a little encouragement early on is a big boost to confidence.  However, article submission sites like InfoBarrel are also great starting points, as are many of the social bookmarking sites.  Keeping that in mind, here are the sites I think will be very helpful in developing passive income streams for anyone just starting out:

Aside from WebAnswers, these are all either article submission or social bookmarking sites.  Moreover, they’re giving 60-100% of the revenue to the writers.  This strikes me as a pretty good way to start earning money online.  (How likely is it that an employer at a traditional 9-to-5 job is going to give you 60% of what you bring in?)  In short, these are all excellent ways to begin earning passive and residual income. 

For more great information of generating passive and residual income, please visit the Passive Pursuit of Income Blog.


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