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Want Free Backlinks? Here You Go!

Backlinks are admittedly critical i nterms of increasing both rankings and traffic.  Thus, getting free backlinks is something few of us can turn our nose up at.  That said, here are some places to get free backlinks:
Allows you to automatically post to up to 50 top social bookmarking accounts.  Not really a free backlinks site since you are posting to your own accounts, but the time savings are incredible.  Post in mere minutes what would ordinarily take hours.    There's a free trial subscription of 300 submissions.  No time limit;  the free trial stands until you use up your 300 submissions.  At that juncture, you decide whether to go back to get a paid subscription or keep on manually submitting backlinks.
A backlinking site that is totally free.  Post links for others in your social bookmarking accounts, and they post links for you in theirs.  (Posting is automated, so you can avoid spending hours in front of the computer.)  Also, there is an option for a paid subscription that provides a lot more backlinks.

With a strategy focused on the tiered concept of backlinking, Backlinks Genie has adopted a proven methodology with respect to building automatic backlinks.  backlinks genie offers a free one-month trial subscription.
Totally free!  A great automatic backlink-builder that gives you 25 backlinks every day to any URL.  Unfortunately, you can only submit a particular URL once with a free subscription, but that's still 750 backlinks per month.  (A paid subscription permits submission to many more sites, as well as allowing multiple submissions of the same URL.)

24:7 backlinks gives you 1000 free backlinks.  'Nuf said! 

You can find more information on free backlinks and other information to help you increase your ranking and traffic to your site at the Passive Pursuit of Income Blog.


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